Commercial Power Washer

Commercial Power Washing

Pressure washing is an incredible technique for cleaning a vast range of surfaces. Irving Power Washing is the right pressure washing company for you and we have expert commercial power washer that will do any commercial pressure washing services for you!

Regardless of whether it’s metal, concrete or wood, power washing is a go-to approach to get your home or an area of it cleaned and sterilized. Never heard of pressure washing and even force washing services? Here is the finished guide you need for power washing services.

As referenced before, power washing is an extraordinary strategy for washing different materials. What is power washing exactly? Well, power washing is cleaning using a pressure washer with hot water. Power washing Irving is really one of the three kinds of washing that includes a pressure washer. The other two types are pressure washing and soft washing.


Commercial Power Washer in Irving, Texas

Pressure washing is essentially power washing, with the exception of it utilizing cold water. Soft washing, on the other hand, is also pressure washing but the pressure used is lower. We measure pressure by PSI or pounds per square inch. The standard would be 500 PSI, to which soft washing utilizes under 500 and pressure washing utilizes more than 500. How pressure washers work is that they shoot water and the nozzle is the thing that adjusts the angle of which they shoot water.

Power Washing Nozzles

These nozzles are labelled by color, and they all have their respective angles. They work by restricting the flow of the water and speeding it up.

  • The 0-degree nozzle shoots directly from the weight washer and it is used for cleaning stacked layers of dirt.
  • The 15-degree nozzle shapes a little sheet of water, lesser pressure than that of a 0-degree. This is used for melting paint from different surfaces, for example, metal, wood and concrete. It can, also, be used for getting various surfaces ready for painting.
  • The 25-degree nozzle shoot out a wider sheet of water and the main nozzle for cleaning any material without inflicting any damage to them.
  • The 40-degree nozzle is the most extensive of the four and utilizations the least weight. It is utilized for delicate materials like glass.

The nozzle that you will use will depend greatly on the material you will clean. Since you should use the perfect amount of pressure to not deal with issues, for example, damaging the surface. An excess of pressure can harm the materials you will clean.

Why Hire Commercial Power Washers

These are the general information on how pressure washers work and this is the manner by which pressure washing services make use of them. Services have their own cleaning solutions and they can pressure wash or power wash easily on any part of your home. They can also clean your vehicle or the difficult-to-reach spaces of your home.

These services for pressure and power washing has been around for quite a while and they are useful in many aspects. They give compelling cleaning to the materials of your home, disinfect it and of can eliminate other issues such as damaged wood, cracks due to dirt and growth of biological elements, and discolored concrete.

Interested in getting a power wash? Check it out and see the outcomes for yourself.

If you don’t know how to use a power washer, you can inquire us for some steps on how to use them. Our staff would be happy to help you.

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