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Driveways take up a lot of space in the exterior of your home and is quite noticeable. Having a hard time cleaning up your driveway? Why don’t you hire Irving Power Washing? We are a pressure washing company running power washing business for many years and we have professional driveway pressure washer. So, grab that phone now and dial us.

Being out in the open, it is definitely one of the areas of your house that should be maintained and preserved. Although, that is not as easy as it sounds.


Driveway Pressure Washer in Irving, Texas

If you want good impressions of your home, then focus on your exterior! In this case, pay attention to your driveways. The reason why it is mentioned that it is not easy, well, it’s because it’s true. Vehicles come and go on driveways, and through their tires, they bring all kinds of unwanted dirt and dust on the road. That dirt can go deep within the concrete and ultimately staining it. This is due to concrete’s porous aspect.

Concrete has pores which are tiny holes that, although small, can absorb and house moisture. This is why stains are a common dilemma for driveways. Additionally, the texture of concrete can result in build-up of mold, moss, dirt and different biological factors in its crevices.

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Other problems which include ground-in leaves, oil spills, the ongoing wear-and-tear and the likes. A bit too overwhelming, don’t you think? Imagine cleansing driveways all by way of yourself, or, to put it bluntly, handling a tedious task all by yourself.

This is Where Pressure Washing Service Comes in

Pressure washing services is a popular choice for cleansing any a part of the residence, or even an entire one squeaky clean. This, of course, consists of driveways. Because of the usage of pressure washers and a service team willing to do all of the work for you, cleaning has never been so easy. Not to mention, the charge to pay is reasonably-priced compared to other offerings.

A soiled concrete driveway is washed by using a pressure washer step by step. Here’s how it works:

First, what they do is wet the concrete and allow it to dry. Any close by shrubs, vegetation and plants need to be wet with water. If the concrete is stamped or colored, services decide to use a pressure washing as an alternative of power washing, so the color will not fade. They also ensure that the surface is well compatible to the solution they’ll use by testing the concrete.

More About Driveway Pressure Washing

Moving on, they may now cover the stains and the dust with absorbent substances such as sawdust and baking soda. While this will absorb on what is on the surface-level only, this may reduce the stain’s visibility.

Some services switch to the usage of TSP or Trisodium phosphate. TSP is used to clean oil off driveways and it is strongly alkaline, and because of this it will not damage the concrete. The drawback of TSP although is that it is harmful to the skin and the environment. Some services use an environmental-friendly solution that is sprayed with a pressure washer. It will be left for 5-7 minutes, but it shouldn’t get dry.

If the concrete’s main problem is its dark color, bleach is the solution for that. After that, the answer is then rinsed completely with water with the vegetation. Pressure washing services charge for the best value of 200 dollars, which is the cheapest rate. Want your driveway to get cleaned? Search for a driveway pressure washing service now!

If you don’t know how to use a power washer, you can inquire us for some steps on how to use them. Our staff would be happy to help you.

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