Power Washing

Power Washing has revolutionized the way we clean our property. Back in the day, we only had soap and water. Now that method is inefficient and very, very slow—frankly, outdated. Dirt accumulates quick, and when they do, manually cleaning them will be extremely tedious.

Also, mildew loves the Texan weather as it’s the perfect humidity for them to survive. Homeowners often find mildew colonies on their walls and have trouble getting them off. This calls for more than water and soap. Citizens of Irving, Texas, this calls for power washing, the future of home property cleaning! And with the services of Power Washing Irving, you won’t be the one doing all the DIRTY work!


Now What Do We Mean By Power Washing?

It can be quite confusing (especially with pressure washing), so we’ll define what it means first. Power washing is a method of cleaning that forcefully removes dirt and grime through the usage of highly-pressurized water. It uses a pressure washing machine, a powerful cleaning tool, to deliver the PSI. It also uses hot water for more effectivity. People sometimes confuse it with pressure cleaning, but pressure cleaning does not utilize heated water.

Power washing is amazing at removing anything that doesn’t belong to your property! And if you hire Irving Power Washing, you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and watch as your property is transformed from a grimy mess to brand new!

So What Can You Clean Using Power Washing?


Power washing can be used on solid surfaces, those than can take a beating from a pressurized jet stream of water. No dirt or muck will survive being blasted at such high pressures. Power washing will soften up hardened dirt and effectively purge it off. Power Washing will also kill algae colonies and prevent them from growing back in the future. Stains from your driveways and natural stones don’t stand a chance against power washing and will take care of them easily and quickly.

Fair Warning


Power Washing Packs Quite a Punch

It’s essentially a stronger version of pressure washing, and can lead to damaged property if utilized in the wrong way. Thin and fragile surfaces are generally a no-go for power washing.

Surfaces with intricate details such as carved stone can be distorted from the powerful water blast. Power washing, on some machines, can reach a pressure of up to 3000+ PSI, which can easily injure you. If you’re gonna’ be power washing anything, it’s important to ALWAYS be safe when doing so.

OR you can contact Power Washing Irving and have them power wash your property for you!

Pressure Washing Just For You

Irving Power Washing will not only guarantee the safety and security of you and your property, but their agents can also deliver a splendid power washing job! We have been in the industry for a very long time and we have no doubts in our mind that we can satisfy you with our power washing skills as we have with many of our past customers.

So, if there’s anything you need power washed, call Power Washing Irving and we can arrange a date and time!