Pressure Cleaning in Irving, Texas

It happens more often than we like: The dirt finds its way onto our property. And despite everything we do to clean it, they always come back thicker and more deeply rooted than before. It’s something we all must deal with, and it’s never easy… or is it? If you’re looking for easier ways to clean your property, then you’re in luck, Irving, Texas, because the best pressure cleaning company is in your city!

It’s widely accepted that pressure cleaning is one of the best cleaning methods out there because of its efficiency, effectiveness, and speed. It’s also widely applicable to a large number of things. Here are the four main pressure cleaning services Irving Power Washing Offers.


1. Need Something Pressure Washed?

For a very long time, folks have been using soap and water to clean their dirty property. It’s outdated and very inefficient. This is why everybody should graduate to pressure cleaning! Pressure washing is a method that uses high-pressure water. It blasts water from a pressure washing machine through a nozzle (varies for the job). With such high pressures, no grime and dirt will survive! It’s quick, it’s fast, and it leaves your property cleaner than it ever was before!

So, what can you clean with pressure washing? Building façades for one. Pressure cleaning cleans large areas at once, which makes it easy to clean your home’s façade. It’s also best used for cleaning thickly accumulated dirt from fences, stairs, pretty much anywhere dirt takes root. Mildew and algae colonies aren’t safe either, as the high pressure will blast them off of your wall!

But when you’re pressure cleaning, you always have to remember that pressure washing machines are no toys. They are machines that blast water up to 3000+ PSI! That’s enough to damage property AND cause injury to people! Safety must always be your priority when it comes to using one of these machines.

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2. Need Something Power Washed?

Pressure washing and power washing are pretty similar across the board—both use highly pressurized water, both use a pressure washing machine, etc. etc.—but there is one key difference: power washing uses heated water while pressure washing does not. The heated water makes power washing a little bit stronger than pressure washing and more effective at dealing with tougher muck.

For instance, power washing will easily get rid of any stains on your stone, concrete, and any other hard surfaces. Power washing will not only get rid of your wall’s mildew colony, but prevent them from ever returning! It’s high pressure and heat will also make sure no dirt or grime it cleans will survive.

Just as pressure washing can easily damage property and cause injury, so too can power washing. Just remember to always be careful when using this method of cleaning.

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3. Need Your Driveway Cleaned?

Cleaning your driveway is important. When your car rolls into your garage, your essentially bringing dirt onto your driveway that your tires pick up.

This may be unnoticeable at first, but give it a few months and your driveway start looking like the floor of coal mine rather than a driveway.

It can be difficult to clean it too, that’s why Power Washing Irving offers our services to you! Get your driveway spick and span in no time by contacting Power Washing Irving!

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4. Need Your Concrete Cleaned?

Ah, concrete! A spectacle of homes across the state. Many homeowners would tell you how easily concrete gets dirty, and how difficult it is to clean.

Concrete, natural stone, and bricks are beautiful, but their beauty doesn’t really account for anything if they’re dirty.

If you want your concrete regaining its beauty, then Power Washing Irving and our pressure cleaning services will be of great help to you!

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