Pressure Washing

When dirt and grime get a hold of your furniture, you know how difficult it is to get them off, especially when they clump together and harden. And as a citizen of Irving, you would know that the humid weather are the perfect conditions for algae and mildew to live, grow strong, and form large colonies that ends up being a pain on every houseowner’s neck. When this happens, what do you do? No PRESSURE, take your time! You can either manually clean it yourself and live through ours of tough dirt, and elusive mildew, OR you can apply pressure washing!

When it comes to deeply embedded dirt, mildew colonies, and cleaning up your dirty property, efficiency and speed are key! This is where pressure washing comes in. Ladies and gentlemen of Irving, allow us to introduce the greatness of pressure washing in Irving, Texas!


Let’s Start Off With the What Pressure Washing Is

Pressure washing is a method of cleaning that utilizes high water pressures to get rid of the muck plaguing your property. The punch the highly-pressurized water is more than enough to soften up the thick grime and get rid of them.

People oftentimes confuses it with power washing. Here’s the most important difference you need to remember: Power washing uses hot water, while pressure washing does not. The water heat gives a little extra power to the cleansing capability, but that doesn’t mean pressure washing is a lesser cleaning method!

Pressure Washing For You


If you know what to clean then pressure washing can work wonders. So, what can pressure washing clean?

Your car is a good start. Pressure washing is the go-to drivers use to clean all kinds of vehicle. The highly pressurized water is also a good way of cleaning your property of deeply embedded dirt (those that can withstand the punch of the jet stream). If you want to get rid of the mildew growing on your wall as fast and efficiently as possible, pressure washing will do just that.

Substances like bubblegum on the streets will never worry you anymore when you can pressure wash it right off! Pressure washing is one of the most common household washing methods, and we’re confident that you won’t be looking for anything else!

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More Info About Pressure Washing

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Although pressure washing can do wonders, it can’t do everything. For instance, stains are something better suited for power washing jobs as pressure washing doesn’t have enough power to clean it up completely. And when it comes to algae and mildew colonies, pressure washing can take care of the current infestation, but it doesn’t stop them from coming back in the future.

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Going back, one must always be careful when pressure washing as the highly pressurized water it uses can easily damage furniture. Thin and fragile surfaces won’t last long being blasted with such force, and neither will YOU. Some pressure washing machines can reach up to 3000+ PSI, more than enough power to cut through skin and injure you.

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If you want you and your property to be safe, contact Power Washing Irving today and get a taste of the city’s best Power Washing Company! We offer cheap prices for our quality pressure washing! Our agents are well-trained and they have been satisfying customers with their top-of-the-line services for a very long time.

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