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Soft Washing or Pressure Washing: What’s the Difference?

Power washing, contrary to popular belief— isn’t just all point-the-nozzle-and-clean. It’s a highly intricate process, which should preferably be done by professionals (like Irving Power Washing) who know what they’re doing.

Nevertheless, knowing a bit of knowledge in this area can’t hurt. There are two methods to power washing, namely soft washing and power washing. Deciding which to use in every scenario is severely critical. 

You gotta know which way is the best for the areas that need cleaning. Because choosing the wrong one could either; (a) not clean it thoroughly, or (b) damage the property.

Either way isn’t really ideal, so we’ll tell you which one you should choose for your home.


Pressure Washing

Pressure washing, to be concise— definitely packs a punch. But from the word ‘pressure’, you probably knew that already. It’s used to clean surfaces with deep-seated contaminants, or other impurities that set in too deeply. 

For example, it’s usually a technique used to remove paint from aluminum or wooden sidings if you want to repaint them. But you gotta be careful, though. It isn’t the most forgiving type of power washing. If done incorrectly, you can permanently damage whatever you point it at.

Generally, it’s good for deep cleaning before staining decks or fences, and washing concrete that’s been there for over 3 years. But it isn’t good for roofs as it can remove its shingles.

Soft Washing

It’s all in the name! It’s way less powerful than pressure washing, but beats it in water volume. It’s effective in eradicating surface impurities like algae, mold and dirt. So in terms of cleaning generally new properties, like your house or decks, soft washing is recommended. For roofs, a lower setting of soft washing ensures entirely damage-free cleaning.

Now you know the difference, what are you waiting for? We’re Irving Power Washing, best power washing service in Irving. We’ll guarantee damage-free, thorough work at a competitive price. Call (214) 441-6744

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